Julian Illingworth

College Squash - A Closer Look at the Numbers

The following is a simple analysis of college squash by looking at a number of factors and making some educated guesses.  This is a "back of the napkin" analysis, and is meant to give a broader understanding of trends in college squash and and the overall landscape.  

There are 62 Men's teams in 2017 (34 Varsity).   There were 50 Men's teams in 2006. 

There are 39 Women's programs in 2017 (31 Varsity).  There were 31 Women's teams in 2006.  

We estimate there are approximately 75 "recruited" squash athletes for men's programs per year, and 68 "recruited" athletes for women's programs per year.*

There are over 900 CSA men's players and over 500 CSA women's players.  Roughly 2/3rds of which were "not recruited", but gained admission and play squash for a team.    


* Recruited meaning the squash coach has some power with admissions to influence the application process, and generally is allocated several spaces each year that as long as their applicants meet a certain academic profile they are likely to gain admission based on the schools need for squash athletes.