We simplify the process

Finding the right college squash program is a daunting and stressful process. As insiders, we are experts at navigating the system. Between the two of us, we have played competitively at nearly every college squash facility in the country and know virtually every college squash coach personally.  While we believe that there is no exact formula to the process, we use our collective experiences, squash knowledge, and connections within the sport to help determine the right program for each and every student-athlete aspiring to play squash in college.

We do so by employing three methods:


We work with you to answer any questions you have about the college application process and help you identify the type of college squash experience you would like to have in collaboration with each college and university's academics, student life, and location.

2. we devise a game plan.

We partner with you, your club coaches, your school coaches, your guidance counselors, your parents, and your training partners to gather information and learn about your personality.  With this information, we then work with your team to devise strategies and methods intended to clarify the process and help you make confident and informed decisions about the recruiting process, the application process, and connecting with the schools that interest you.  

3. We find the right school for you

As we travel through the college search process together, we create a list of schools and squash programs that match your interests and desires and are the right fit for you to achieve your goals!

Throughout the entire process, we coach you and provide the tools to offer systematic timelines, support, and guidance to you and your family as to how the college squash recruiting process works and what you should be doing to get out in front of coaches.

We have the capacity to work with you during each and every phase of the college admissions process -- whether it be  learning about schools, teams, coaches, and their programs, identifying and reviewing schools of interest, navigating the athletic recruiting process, or helping prepare and review applications and forms.

We also use our expertise within the sport to help you showcase your strengths on the court to college squash coaches in a way that is forthright, compelling, and informative. 

Every step of the way, we provide concierge service and work with you, your family, and your supporters to lead you towards the school of your dreams!